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Explore Amaravati from Vijayawada with SVR Cabs!

Hello, travelers! Ready for a fantastic journey from Vijayawada to Amaravati with SVR Cabs? Get ready for a trip filled with interesting places and good times. Here’s a guide to the cool places and a plan to make the most of your time in Amaravati.

SVR Cabs Ride:
Sit back and enjoy the ride with SVR Cabs. We care about your safety and want you to have a comfy journey. Our friendly drivers will make sure you have a smooth ride while you check out the beautiful views on the way to Amaravati.

Cool Places to Check Out in Amaravati:

1. Amaravati Stupa:
Explore the Amaravati Stupa to learn about its ancient history. It’s a special place with cool carvings that show the area’s culture.

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2. Dharanikota Fort:
Visit Dharanikota Fort for a look at history and a fantastic view of the Krishna River. Walk around and imagine the stories from the past.

3. Amareswara Temple:
Say hello to Lord Shiva at the Amareswara Temple. It’s a neat temple with a great vibe for those who like culture and spirituality.

4. Undavalli Caves:
Don’t miss the Undavalli Caves! They’re caves with cool carvings and old stuff inside. It’s like stepping back in time.


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Undavalli Caves

Fun Day Schedule in Amaravati:

Morning (9:00 AM – 12:00 PM):
– Start your day at the Amaravati Stupa. Take a nice walk and enjoy the historical feel.

Afternoon (12:30 PM – 2:00 PM):
– Have a tasty lunch at a local spot. Try some Andhra cuisine for a yummy experience.

Afternoon (2:30 PM – 4:30 PM):
– Visit Dharanikota Fort for more history and beautiful views of the Krishna River.

Evening (5:00 PM – 6:30 PM):
– Head to the Amareswara Temple for a spiritual experience.

Night (7:00 PM onward):
– Finish your day at the Undavalli Caves. They look magical in the evening.

Heading Back with SVR Cabs:
Wrap up your day and let SVR Cabs take you back to Vijayawada. Relax and think about the fun day you had. Your trip with SVR Cabs is a comfy and joyful one. Book your trip now and let the adventure begin! Travel easy, explore happy!

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